About JS Garment Machines

JS Garment Machines is dedicated to providing top-quality garment machines to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your apparel and leather garment business. With our cutting-edge equipment and commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to be your trusted partner in the garment industry.

closeup of hanged shirts on rack
closeup of hanged shirts on rack

Our Principles

We prioritize quality in every garment machine we offer, ensuring that you receive top-notch equipment for your textile business.

Customer Satisfaction

Innovation and Technology

Quality Assurance

We stay at the forefront of the industry by constantly innovating and incorporating the latest technologies into our garment machines.

Our ultimate goal is to provide exceptional customer satisfaction, offering reliable support and tailored solutions for your garment production needs.


Meet the Founders


Krishna Reddy


At JS Garment Machines, we pride ourselves on having assembled the dream team in the garment machine industry. Our visionary founder, Krishna Reddy, leads the way with unmatched expertise and passion. Alongside, our dedicated co-founder, Vanisri brings diverse skills and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we drive innovation and excellence in garment machinery.

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