Our Products

Discover a world of possibilities with our comprehensive range of garment machines. From industrial sewing machines and automated cutters to embroidery systems, apparel and leather garment finishing equipment, our products are meticulously crafted for excellence. we empower your textile business with the tools it needs to thrive. Explore our diverse product lineup and revolutionize your garment manufacturing process.

Industrial Sewing Machines

Reliable and robust, our industrial sewing machines deliver precision and durability, ensuring seamless production for your business.

Computerised Embroidery

Precision meets artistry with our computerized embroidery machines, transforming fabric into intricate designs with effortless creativity.

Fabric Cutting Machines

Efficient and precise fabric cutting machines - the heart of your textile production, delivering quality and productivity seamlessly.

Fabric Inspection & Spreading

Streamline production with our fabric inspection and spreading solutions, ensuring consistent quality and efficient material utilization.

Finishing, Folding & Packing

Efficient finishing, precise folding, and meticulous packing solutions – the final touch to elevate your textile products.

Threads & Supplements

Explore our vast selection of high-quality threads and suppplements, the essential elements for perfecting your garment creations.

Garment Furniture

Elevate your workspace with our ergonomic and stylish garment furniture, designed for comfort and efficiency in the fashion industry.


Experience the perfect fusion of efficiency and quality with our mid-processing solutions, optimizing your garment production process.

Spares & Accessories

Discover a comprehensive range of high-quality spare parts and accessories, ensuring the smooth operation of your machinery.

Brands we deal with...

At JS Garment Machines, we have curated a diverse portfolio of top-tier garment machine brands, each known for its unique contributions to the textile industry. Our partnership with these esteemed brands reflects our commitment to providing our customers with the highest-quality machinery and equipment. Whether it's the precision embroidery machines from Ricoma, the durability and speed of Juki's industrial sewing machines, or the efficiency of Fortever's fabric-cutting machines, we offer a comprehensive selection to meet the diverse needs of textile businesses. From Lotus' affordable yet high-performance embroidery machines to Sunrise's innovative sewing and embroidery solutions, we ensure that our clients have access to cutting-edge technology and tools that enhance efficiency, productivity, and product quality. With trusted brands like Coats supplying top-quality threads and accessories, we equip textile businesses with everything they need to thrive in the competitive fashion industry.